From today’s email…

I am writing this email…

moments from the release of the final trailer for…

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

I didn’t bother to watch any of the crap Monday Night Football game it’s being premiered during…

I just set reminders for my favorite YouTube channels and opened twitter right before halftime.

As a magician and a marketer…

these events are full of takeaways because they are mass, global events.

Just like the Avengers movies or Game of Thrones.

To understand their appeal gives you insight into how people think and act.

What greases their gears so to speak.

Only Tolkien’s work captured my imagination like Star Wars as a kid.

I would pretend to be Luke Skywalker…

Han Solo…


and more often…

Darth Vader…

in my backyard as a kid.

Many, many All Hallows Eve I had a lightsaber in my mitten’d, Canadian hands.

The re-start of these new movies ushered in a whole new generation of love for the brainchild of George Lucas.

I even have part of my street show swaddled in a Star Wars presentation.

Every day I see people wearing Star Wars tees.

The force is alive and well.

I have enjoyed the latest movies on an ever-increasing scale.

I enjoyed “The Force Awakens.”

I loved “The Last Jedi” even more.

and I’m looking forward to this “Final” installment of the Skywalker saga.

As I’m reading twitter…

people are firing up their home theaters.

Hanging on every new post and TV commercial.

The clock to halftime has ticked down.

Everyone is waiting.

I’m with 4000 other people on Collider waiting to see what’s up.


I just watched it 6 times.

Loved it.

The look of it is breathtaking.

One shot of Kylo is spectacular. The perfect beat for a magic show.

Which is really what all of this IS.

Begs more questions too…

which is exactly what it should do.

>>>>>> Click HERE and WATCH it for Yourself

May the force be with you, always…

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