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Episode 79 – Lentidigitation

rene lavand magician

Episode 79 – Lentidigitation…

is the first in a two-part series about “The Maestro”…

lentidigitator René Lavand.

>>>>>> Click here to watch the video I reference in this episode…

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The Magical Secrets Of Victorio De Pardú

In this Episode 79 teaser…

we catch the end of Rene Lavand’s “The Story of Victorio De Pardú.”

Sunday, November 10th…

Listen to the full episode HERE.

Until then… check out THIS

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The Maestro: Master Magician

This episode 79 teaser pays homage to a truly fantastic and influential performer.

The first time I saw this magician…

He mesmerized me.

Episode 79 is dedicated to this performer and is titled…


Tune in Sunday for this latest episode.

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Magic In Traverse City

In this episode 14 teaser…

I talk about the superb reception audiences gave me when I traveled to Traverse City, Michigan and performed during the Cherry Festival.

I made a bunch of new friends too.

Great town, great people, perhaps I’ll go back someday.

Shout out to police officer Evan Warsecke for inviting me…

and throwing an epic 4th of July BBQ.

FULL episode is HERE!

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Tension: A Weapon In The Magician’s Toolbox

In capable hands…

the ability to create moments of tension is a powerful weapon in the magician’s toolbox.

Every Sunday…

new episodes explore this and the deeper aspects of magic…

beyond moves and tricks.

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Episode 1 – What This Podcast IS & My Definition Of A Real Magician

Who is Dartagnan?

What is this podcast about?

“Magic From Wherever I’m At” with your host professional street magician Dartagnan.

In this inaugural episode, I talk about what I’m intending for releasing this podcast and I also strike to the very heart of a matter I have given a lot of thought about.

What is the definition of a REAL magician?

It’s time to pull out the mirror.

If you liked this…

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For Thinking Magicians Only

The “Magic From Wherever I’m At” podcast is for the thinking magician.

If you desire to move beyond moves, methods, and tricks…

and step into the wilderness of presentation and performance…

78 Episodes available so far for improving your magic.

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I “Soderbergh’d” Ricky jay’s 52 Assistants

Episode 78 – “The Kroger Precedent”

magician mentalist berglas

Episode 78 of the podcast deals with a weird story from a recent trip to the supermarket…

which I weave into an answer to a listener question about mentalism.

All Episodes HERE!

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“I Soderbergh’d” Magician Ricky Jay and his “52 Assistants”

From the email list…

So yesterday (Halloween)…

I sent an email where I linked to a special “version” of…

Raiders of the Lost Ark. 

It was a version in black & white with the original audio removed…

and replaced with an alternative instrumental track.

This was provided by filmmaker Steven Soderbergh on his website (linked below.)

Inspired by watching it again (the night before I shared it in the email)…

and a conversation with a fellow magician (and listener/email subscriber)…

I then “Soderbergh’d” Ricky Jay’s “52 Assistants.

So now you can learn about staging, in the context of a great magic show.

Contrast and compare techniques used in film and in theatre.

Off to the races…

If you want to see the black & white, alternative-audio version of  “52 Assistants”…

this is the kind of content I share in my FREE Dail Emails on improving your magic.

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Here’s the link to the Steven Soderbergh’s version of “Raiders” on his website…

Steven Soderbergh “Raiders”



The Time I Met magician Tom Mullica

This Episode 13 teaser talks about the great fun I had at the Abbotts Get Together talking with Tom Mullica (R.I.P.)

Full episode HERE

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