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Episode 79 – Lentidigitation

rene lavand magician

Episode 79 – Lentidigitation…

is the first in a two-part series about “The Maestro”…

lentidigitator René Lavand.

>>>>>> Click here to watch the video I reference in this episode…

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The Magical Secrets Of Victorio De Pardú

In this Episode 79 teaser…

we catch the end of Rene Lavand’s “The Story of Victorio De Pardú.”

Sunday, November 10th…

Listen to the full episode HERE.

Until then… check out THIS

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The Maestro: Master Magician

This episode 79 teaser pays homage to a truly fantastic and influential performer.

The first time I saw this magician…

He mesmerized me.

Episode 79 is dedicated to this performer and is titled…


Tune in Sunday for this latest episode.

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