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Episode 77 – “The Graduate”

Episode 77 is here!

This episode deals with Roberto Giobbi’s latest book “Hidden Agenda”…

and musing on one of my favorite films.

Double Magic Dose Sunday: Part 2

Free from food poisoning this is the 2nd part of Double Dose Sunday!

Enjoy listening to the many ways the work of Roberto Giobbi has impacted me.

Magicians: Heed These Words

Jerry Seinfeld on the mindset of performing for live audiences.

Street performing is the epitome of this mindset…

you even build the venue first…

before you perform the show.

All of this and more on the podcast every Sunday HERE

Street Magician Hijinx in the French Quarter

An Episode 10 teaser about a funny time between myself and a mentor of mine…Jimmy Talksalot.

Full episode HERE.

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Magic is For the Audience

Episodes 73 & 74 focus on Dani DaOrtiz and what you can discover from his work…

Full episodes HERE

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The 1% Better Magic Secret

Have you ever heard the name Gary Bencivenga?

Probably not.

He’s not a traditional magician.

He’s a marketing legend.

Gary Bencivenga WAS the world’s greatest copywriter.

In essence, the world’s BEST salesman.

He was virtually unbeatable in head-to-head tests with other copywriters…

Until he retired.

Since then, he has only spoken a couple of times live.

One of his pet pieces of advice though was his 1% strategy.

He made it a habit to get 1% better every day.

Over the course of a year, the magic of compounding takes over and before you know it…

You’re A LOT better.

I faithfully follow that advice…

but not just one aspect.

I try to get one percent better every day on whatever I’m into.

The real magic is that all the other things you’re into can inform your magic.

For example…

A couple of days ago I shared a screenwriting book I was reading.

This one book helps me get 1% better, per day, at several things.

Let me explain.

Screenwriting involves getting better at storytelling.

This impacts my magic…

my writing…

my marketing…

my understanding of structure…

my understanding of how this particular screenwriter approaches problems…

her thinking, in essence…

and along the way, her opinions are checked against my own  (when possible)…

as inevitably people voice their opinions in what they write…

often covertly, and sometimes overtly.

There’s more but hopefully, you get the idea.

So what are you doing…


to get 1% better at your magic?

at other things in your life?

Most people DO NOTHING.

Then wonder why they lived lives of quiet desperation (Thanks Thoreau!).


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“Magic is not to hands.”

Sage advice from @danidaortiz

The episode about Dani…

Episode 73 – “The Lightning of Freedom” is HERE

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Magician Gets Wrong End of the Produce Aisle

Listen to Episode 8 HERE…

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The 2 Kinds of Street Magicians

LISTEN to Episode 7 HERE

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Episode 73 – The Lightning of Freedom

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